Speight’s is the largest beer brand family in New Zealand. They have achieved this by brewing high quality beers, appealing new product offerings and living true to a brand that Kiwi’s love.

Speight’s has been very successful with what they call “owning occasions”, where they have a product that is the ideal accessory for social occasions, and with their deep southern man roots, Duck Season is a long-standing staple.

The Brief

In 2014, Speight’s leverage for Duck Season needed refreshing, and they partnered with AMS to re-invigorate the relationship in a way that was true to Speight’s values as well as clearly staying compliant with the regulatory requirements of alcohol promotion.

The goal was to create a new iconic seasonal Speight’s collector’s range that would: evolve each year, be in strict supply in order to reward loyal Speight’s buyers as well as assist in lifting volume in-store.


Lion approached AMS to partner them in creating a new and improved Speight’s camo range.

The core product would be a collector’s camouflage cap; where the design would change with each subsequent duck season. In extension to this a new item would be revealed each year, with the same theme, to keep existing Speight’s fans engaged as well as recruiting new loyal consumers for years to come.

“AMS has partnered us with our Speights Duck season activation over the years by consistently aligning pitch concepts and ideas to actual brand and campaign goals.

Supporting this idea generation is a very reliable supply chain capable of getting consistent quality and branding across multiple products. Evidence of this being our own Speights Camo design matching across such diverse product as stubby coolers, Caps and Chilly Bins”

Fiona Hyde Procurement Leader, Lion


Speight’s leverage of the occasion and the time of the year, early May, ensures Speight’s has very high engagement during the time of year where beer sales and engagement normally drops. The Duck Season camo range has supported Speight’s ability to stay truly relevant throughout the decades and generations.