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Driving To Sustainability

Always Made Special: Proud to be driving sustainability

With 2021 firmly behind us, the Always Made Special (AMS) team have been reflecting on the best way forward for our business. Specifically, how best to continue to provide quality goods, on time, at the right price, as well as enhancing our social and environmental sustainability. It’s a lot to consider!

Getting Started

We’re keen to get started right away.

Measuring our carbon footprint will be an important foundation. Over the coming months, we will be collecting data to facilitate the measurement of our footprint.


We Can’t Do This Alone

To support us with this work, we have engaged sustainability specialists, Tadpole. They are helping us to measure our baseline and identify what is important when it comes to lessening our carbon emissions. Once we understand our baseline, we can develop strategies and targets focused on reducing our environmental impact. These will be developed in line with New Zealand’s national reduction targets, and of course, where practical, we’ll be endeavoring to exceed them.

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